“Life ain’t got no shortcuts, there ain’t no easy way through“

For me, that’s what the blues is about. You got to live through good and bad times and the blues will always be at your side. The sound you hear on this album is how I like the blues the most: well-produced with a lot of soul, a splash of gospel, a bit of funk and New Orleans, and of course brass and choire. When I started writing these songs during my time in Austin, TX, I could not have imagined that a few years later I would meet the Texan Tony Braunagel (Grammy-Award winner and Blues Award winner “Blues Drummer of the Year 2018“) who agreed to produce this album. We were lucky to win the magic Sugaray Rayford (Texan as well, nominted for 3 Blues Awards in 2018) who brought the lyrics to life with his soulful voice.

All songs were recorded in Johnny Lee Schell’s (Grammy-Award winner and another Texan) Ultratone Studio in Studio City, L.A., to get that famous and honest “Ultratone“-sound.

Jay-Bee Ultratone All-Stars18 musicians worked on this production. You hear the legendary “Mr. Organ“ Mike Finnigan (he played with all of them) on keyboards, Larry Fulcher (Oh, another Texan, nominated for Blues Award as “Instrumentalist – Bass“) on bass, Tony on drums, Johnny Lee on guitar. Josh Sklair (Grammy-Award winner, long-time bandleader for Etta James) on guitar plays wonderful rhythm parts and backing lines. Joe Sublett, Les Lovitt, Nick Lane and Tom Peterson on horns just made it sound right. The wonderful female choire consists of Maxanne Lewis, Kudisan Kai Regalot and Melodye Perry. Leslie Smith, Will Wheaton and Rick Nelson on strong male choire voices. Lenny Castro on percussion adds the whipped cream on top. I play acoustic and electric guitar, rhythm, all solos and slide guitar parts.

Enjoy the blues and stay well!